Finance and Consulting Club Aarhus (FACCA) was officially launched September 2010. 

The first steps were taken much earlier in 2009, when David Scherer teamed up with Kasper Vinther Olesen and Jens Riis Andersen to mould the bricks of a club intended to bridge the gap between students of Aarhus University and the industry. Life-giving partnerships with major Danish companies were entered in spring 2010 and a skilled crowd of fellow students joined the three in the summer of 2010 to officially constitute the first executive board of FACCA. Yes, many associations existed at the time, offering some insights into major corporations and facilitated company presentations, alongside other activities such as study trips and social events. However, no student association had yet offered interdisciplinary focus within business and social sciences, nor seriously challenged companies in their presentations. The latter became an integrated part of FACCA, which strives to deliver top-class events with well-prepared corporate partners. Thus, executive board members of FACCA prepare and evalute every event in cooperation with the partner(s), who are either challenged with a topic or requested to present such and receive feedback before the event. Alongside the events, FACCA quickly became one of the prime tools for students of different departments to mingle and network with each other and industry professionals. 

From the launch in September 2010 until now, FACCA has developed into an association constituting a platform through which students and companies can exchange information. FACCA has the capacity to arrange any event for companies looking for exposure in Aarhus. The association has developed an extensive job database frequently used by partner companies to successfully recruit for the mutual benefit of members and corporate partners. A resource section keeps members up to date with opportunities out there, and an interactive alumni network enables coming graduates to learn from the experience of their predecessors. These are only few of the features that have been developed since September 2010 and many more are to come. 

The people behind FACCA continuously invest their efforts in actively engaging students of Aarhus University with interest in the finance and consulting industry. The objective is to compliment members’ ongoing education with skills, tools and insights necessary to excel in their preferred career path.