Benefits of FACCA

Becoming a member of FACCA will quickly introduce you to a wide variety of benefits complementing your studies at Aarhus University. Read about the main benefits below.

Gain access to our exclusive events                             Meet other ambitious students

 Throughout the year you will be invited to                                By engaging in FACCA, you will connect with other 

 participate in several insightful and exciting                              enthusiastic students across various study programs  

 events, concerning the newest trends within                             in Aarhus. FACCA is a student organization, that 

 consulting and finance with free dinner and                              emphasizes the social aspects of student life. Hence,

 drinks. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity                    it is a fantastic way of meeting people with similar      

 to apply for our various tours to Copenhagen                           interests. 

 where we visit our partners to gain a unique 

 insight into their daily work.


Meet our partners                                                                Find your next job 

 As a member of FACCA, you will have access                             You will get access to our exclusive job bank, 

 to our wide range of partners, who are all leading                        where our partners regularly post student jobs,  

 companies within consulting and finance. You will                        internships, and full-time positions. Being a 

 be able to network with the very best and get a                            member of FACCA can help you find your next  

 chance to benefit from their knowledge. Furthermore,                  relevant job to kickstart your professional career.

 you will grow a professional network at an early stage 
 in your career. 

If this sounds interesting to you, follow this link and become a member today!