Finance and Consulting Club Aarhus (FACCA) is a non-profit student association with the purpose of improving the link between students of Aarhus University with the concurrent job-market. FACCA accomplishes this by signing partnership agreements with best-in-class companies, both domestically and internationally.

FACCA organizes a wide range of events to create a connection between corporate partners and members. We strive only to organize innovative and inspiring events focusing on present faced challenges from our partners. By that FACCA members are competitively equipped with the qualifications they need to successfully enter the financial sector and/or the management consulting industry.

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Top qualified and motivated FACCA members is the core of FACCA, and the only way FACCA can expand and keep developing the organization. Thus, to add value to the members and ensure that they continuously establish and expand their network with FACCA partners is the cornerstone in all our activities. FACCA is open for all students currently enrolled at Aarhus University. It is an ideal opportunity for students with a special interest in the fields of finance and management consulting to create a strong network and develop skills and tools valuable in the job market.

FACCA welcomes you to become the next member, and we look forward to learn more about you.

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FACCA also encourages other student associations of Aarhus University and potential corporate partners to contact us for cooperation. Please email us at mail@facca.dk for further details.