May 2

DC - Trading Game


  • Thursday · 09:00 - 14:30

    3 weeks ago

  • DC - Trading Game

    Værkmestergade 3, 8000 Aarhus

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Danske Commodities is a data-driven energy-trading company that executes more than 25,000 trades a day. On the 2 May, you have the opportunity to participate in a trading game at Danske Commodities’ office, where you will discover what working as an energy trader involves.


During the game you will be working in a team of up to 3 students. Through economic intuition, teamwork and decision-making you must trade your way to victory in real time. Outside of providing great entertainment as you spend the day with fellow students, this is a chance not to be missed, as it could potentially open doors to a new career path!

 Although you might not have any experience with trading, we urge you to participate to learn during the process. The event will start out with a short lecture on the basics of trading that explains in practice how you can buy and sell power in real-time based on simulated information and this should leave you well-equipped for the game. Being familiar with programs such as R, Python or MatLab might be advantageous, but by no means necessary.


To apply yourself for this opportunity to grow your skill set, have an awesome day with DC and potentially win great prizes, you will have to apply through no later than the 25th of April. You will be required to submit your CV and grade transcripts. Optionally, you can include a motivational letter as well. Please also inform us whether you are applying as a team, simply by uploading a document with your team name and the names of all your team members under "Other", or let us know if we should instead match you with 1-2 other applicants. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of seats available, seats will be assigned according to the preferences of Danske Commodities.

No member from FACCA will see you CV or grades transcripts, only Danske Commodities.


Preliminary agenda

- Arrival at DC and a short tour around the Trading Floor 

- Crash course on trading

- Lunch

- Trading game

- Announcement of winners and networking


The trading game will take place at Danske Commodities’ office in Central Aarhus from 09:00-14:30. The team that is able to generate the most profit will be rewarded with champagne and a team-dinner at Restaurant ET.


We look forward to seeing you for an exciting day learning about energy-trading with Danske Commodities!

Note, if you participated last year, you can't re-enter this year.