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​​​​​Danmarks Nationalbank is the central bank of Denmark and is a self-governing, independent institution. The independence of Danmarks Nationalbank is incorporated into the Danmarks Nationalbank Act from 1936, in that the bank's Board of Governors is solely responsible for determining monetary-policy interest rates.


Danmarks Nationalbank's three main objectives are to contribute to ensuring stable prices, safe payments and a stable financial system.


Danmarks Nationalbank promotes stable prices by conducting a fixed-exchange-rate policy vis-à-vis the euro. The aim is to keep inflation low, which is done via monetary and exchange-rate policies. Further information about Danmarks Nationalbank's work to promote stable prices can be found under Market info and Monetary policy.


In its capacity as banker to the banks, Danmarks Nationalbank ensures that interbank payments can be settled in a secure manner, and in the production of banknotes and coins great importance is attached to design and security so that people continue to have confidence in the Danish currency. You can find further information about settlement of payments under Bank and payments, while the Banknotes and coins section provides information about Danish banknotes and coins.


By overseeing and assessing financial stability in Denmark, Danmarks Nationalbank helps to ensure conditions that prevent financial problems from spreading. You can find further information under Statistics and Financial stability, while the Government debt section provides information on government debt management.

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