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If you have a career dream of shaping a brighter future, why not become a Zymer? 

A career at Novozymes can open doors to a world of possibilities. That’s because we trust you - to do your best and to carve your own path. Our inspiration comes from challenging conventions, finding solutions, and reaching goals such as replacing harmful chemicals with bioinnovation. 

At Novozymes, we give you a chance to be a leader within your field, your team, or in management. Working with great people makes our jobs great. If you dream of the brighter future, there is no better place to work than Novozymes.


Novozymes is the world leader in bioinnovation. Our business is industrial enzymes, microorganisms, and biopharmaceutical ingredients. Our biological solutions help companies make more from less, as our solutions save energy and raw materials, and reduce waste. The result is higher quality, lower costs, lower CO2 emissions, and a better environment.

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