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FACCA - Finance and Consulting Club Aarhus

FACCA - the preferred value adding choice for students in Aarhus passionate about finance and consulting in collaboration with trusted partners.




Join FACCA today and kick start the rest of your career. FACCA will add value to your future career in several ways.

- Meet and learn how to interact with best-in-class companies.
- Expand your network with other talented FACCA members.
- Get unique knowledge about our partner companies and the challenges they face.
- Develop competences relevant to your future career.
- Have exclusive access to job postings, event slides, announcements about case competitions, events, and much more.
- Be able to apply for the FACCA and BCG Award.
- Get in contact and interact with graduated members of FACCA Alumni.
- Learn how to excel in the job market
- Get ready for an exciting career

To FACCA it is essential to create value to our members and continously challenge you and ourself in developing your compentences and help you stand out in your future career.

FACCA is for all students currently enrolled at Aarhus University. Apply if you are curious to explore the world of finance or management consulting and have a desire to play an active part in shaping your future.

** Membership is FREE **


1. Fill out your details.
2. Tell our partners about you in 200 characters.
3. Upload your CV in a PDF. We have provided a template you can use (Danish or English).

  Download CV template

Terms and Conditions
A membership of FACCA is free (and all-inclusive events is a virtue to us)! The selection of members is based solely on formal requirements. The applicant gives FACCA his or her consent to redistribute submitted and uploaded information to corporate partners. This gives the applicant the opportunity to showcase his or her skills to best-in-class companies. Submitted and uploaded information is treated confidentially and from FACCA only the board member in charge of assessing whether the formal requirements are met can view the material. Upon demand or graduation all submitted and uploaded information is permanently deleted.

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