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Jakob Mørck Lohmann

Line of study

MSc Political Science

Winner of year



Learn about the winner of The Master Prize of The FACCA and BCG Award of 2016 – Jakob Mørck Lohmann in an interview, where he elaborates on some of his experiences with the Award. 

What was your motivation to apply for The FACCA and BCG Award?
As a long-standing FACCA member who loves taking part in case-solving, I was motivated to get valuable insights and case-solving tools from BCG, besides, of course, being motivated by the opportunity of winning the award.

What was your main focus during the interview?
I focused on staying cool and controlling my eagerness in order to think through my answers and communicate in short and concise language. Moreover, I tried to give an honest reflection of who I am and the passions that drive me.

How would you describe the experience of participating in The FACCA and BCG Award in three words?
Fun, challenging and inspiring.

What do you believe was the main reason for you winning The Best Master Prize of The FACCA and BCG Award?
My academic achievements in combination with my various extracurricular activities surely laid a solid foundation for me winning the prize. At the event, however, I believe that clear and effective communication was the primary driver of me standing out against many other top-performing students.

What is your next goal?
In the short term, I intend to finish my master’s degree meanwhile continuously improving my case-solving skills. In the longer term, I aim for a career in management consulting, where I can help deliver impact for clients and society.

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