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FACCA - the preferred value adding choice for students in Aarhus passionate about finance and consulting in collaboration with trusted partners.



In this section you will be able to find additional information concerning your FACCA membership.

Why is it required to upload my CV to become a member of FACCA?

We require all our members to upload a CV when they sign up, to further increase the chances of students catching the attention of our partners in our database. With your own CV and personal essay, you get a chance to stand out from the crowd and tell the partners about yourself and your experiences! FACCA’s corporate partners use your CV database to a still greater extent to actively spot potential employees and interns.

The CVs are treated confidentially and shared only with our corporate partners. Only one executive board member from FACCA access the CV to verify the objective membership requirement of minimum one year of studying. The CV and other uploaded documents are automatically deleted from our system upon graduation as indicated by the end date in your profile.


Why do you require both a year started, and a graduating year in your profile?

We require both dates, as not all students finish within the allotted period for their education, and we want to ensure that people that postpone their graduation are not erroneously added to our Alumni-section. Furthermore, these dates are used to delete your profile upon graduation – This is to ensure that your files are only kept as long as you wish to be a member of FACCA.

What is FACCA Alumni?

FACCA Alumni is a unique network which enables former and current members to share experiences, knowledge, and interests to their mutual benefit. FACCA Alumni was established to create a value adding connection between current and former members of FACCA. Graduated former members can benefit from FACCA’s resources, stay in touch with other alumni’s, and build a bridge to current members after graduation. Current members can use the platform to get in touch with former FACCA members now employed in a variety of industries through a contact form. All FACCA Alumni’s shown in FACCA Alumni on have actively expressed a willingness to interact with current members of FACCA. Thus, do not hesitate to contact them. 

What is Resources?

FACCA Resources is a unique platform, which enables members to access exclusive content from FACCA and their best-in-class partners. In addition, FACCA Resources contains an exciting Job Bank, where corporate partners upload latest and most relevant information about full time jobs, internships, thesis student, and student jobs. FACCA Resources was established to gather relevant and helpful information regarding the consulting and the financing industry, and make it easily accessible for the students. 

How do I get to see all the pictures from the FACCA events?

At many FACCA events we take pictures of the partners, the presentation and the networking sessions. Shortly after the event, all the pictures are available at 

What is FACCA Ideas?

FACCA Ideas is a new concept, where you as a member get the opportunity to organize and execute an event for students in Aarhus in collaboration with FACCA. By planning and organizing the event you will work close together with the participating firms and the executive board of FACCA. It is a unique opportunity to expand your networking among professionals and be in charge of an event that inspires and motivates students in Aarhus. The event is facilitated through FACCAs infrastructure. If you have an excellent idea for an interesting event then please do not hesitate to contact using the contact form found under about. Please give a short description of your initiative and explain why it brings value to other members of FACCA. 


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